About Us

About us

        Jing Licensing and Entertainment Corporation is a company based in Regina, Saskatchewan in Canada. It was incorporated on October 27, 2009. The company has three main objectives. 

  • It issues licenses to business institutions or individuals interested in producing (under their own labels and names) variants (national, regional, cultural, professional, etc.) of the cultural game Afrinaissance
  • It is involved in the production and marketing of any aspect of the said game that has not yet been licensed
  • It perfects and markets some aspects of African culture (folk dances, theatre, fashion, arts pieces, cuisine, movies, etc.). These products are designed to serve mainly as tools for intellectual stimulation as well as social, economic and physical transformation, especially among youths


•       Licensing
•       Production and marketing of Afrinaissance and related products
•       Perfecting and marketing African folk dances and related products

•       Theatre, documentary and movie production

•       Marketing of African products (foods, fashion, books, magazines, arts works, etc)


Our mission grew out of a vision to unite and educate people, especially those of African descent, on the history and culture of the African people. In order to attain these goals, we transcend race, religion and nationality. As culture tends generally to be more reliable in uniting and educating people drawn from different backgrounds, most of our activities are built around it.

Afrinaissance is the flagship of our operations. It is the first in a series of identical cultural products that we intend to develop and market throughout the world. Apart from Afrinaissance products, we intend to perfect and market a broad portfolio of African folk dances, drawn from different parts of the continent.

The dance categories to feature in our portfolio will be determined by the availability of a well-trained and highly professional staff to instruct and guide local performers; the sophistication of the dances in terms of colour, depth in the traditions and messages they convey, as well as the kinds of musical instruments used for their performance. We hope to start with two xylophone-based dances from Cameroon {Tamukung and Subi Dance)  and gradually build out as we include other dances.